Steel Coils Near Me
Steel Coils Near Me

At IM Steel, we are a leading provider of steel coil stock in Illinois. We have steel coils available in different sizes and grades and want to serve as your reliable steel plate supplier. If your business relies on steel coils or other steel products and has been searching for reliable “steel coils near me,” look no further than IM Steel. With a reputation for excellence, we are ready to serve you.

Our Steel Coils

Steel coils are not to be confused with steel plates or steel pipes or steel tubing; steel coils are flat sheets of pressed steel that have been rolled. The width of the sheet is much greater than the thickness of the sheet.  At IM Steel, we offer both hot- and cold-rolled steel coils. Cold-rolled steel is often considered superior to hot-rolled steel, as this is steel that is processed another step beyond hot-rolled steel and has a higher carbon content as such. The higher carbon content of cold-rolled steel means that it’s more durable than hot-rolled steel and superior in performance, but also that it can be harder and therefore more difficult to manipulate.  Hot-rolled steel is how cold-rolled steel begins; it is steel coil that hasn’t been processed as much as cold-rolled steel. While its carbon content is lower, the product is easier to manipulate and therefore often easier to work with. It’s also less expensive because there is less processing involved. Both hot- and cold-rolled steel have their place in various applications.

Industries that Use Steel Coils

We work with businesses in a variety of industries throughout Illinois, including counterweight manufacturing, steel service centers, construction, agricultural equipment manufacturing, heavy equipment and machinery manufacturing, and more. Many of our customers purchase steel coils for use in panels, walls, power stations, roofs, ships, and more.

Why Choose IM Steel As Your Steel Coil Supplier?

If you’re the owner or manager of a business that depends on steel coils in order to get work done, you need a reliable, trusted steel coil provider near you that offers a high-quality, dependable product. When you work with IM Steel, you can count on—

  • Fast shipment times—we are able to stage and fill an order within 24 hours of receiving it;
  • Shipment to anywhere within Illinois;
  • Easy ordering—prices and inventory are available right on our website;
  • Pricing by weight so you’re never surprised;
  • Shipment of multiple gauges and steel products all in one truckload;
  • Honesty and transparency about our products, our prices, and our shipment times.

In addition to the above, we also offer a wide variety of other steel products, including steel plates, steel pipes, steel billets, and steel tubing. We can be your go-to supplier for all of your steel products.

Call Us Today for Steel Coils Near You

You don’t have to worry any longer about, “Where will I find steel coils near me?” At IM Steel, our company is here to provide the high-quality steel products that your business deserves. To learn more about our company and our steel coils, please call us today or send us a message online at your convenience.