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Leading supplier of secondary and excess prime steel plate throughout North America.
IM Steel is able to provide multiple gauges to fill your needs, all on one truckload. We can cut plates to length, with no drop to the customer. IM Steel also has the ability to fill and stage an order within 24 hours.
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We serve a multitude of companies in various industries nationwide. If your business needs to buy steel plates in bulk, we can help. Our facility is located just south of Chicago, and we will ship steel products to anywhere within the United States. Learn more about our different steel plate choices and pricing options.
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From Our Clients
I am responsible for all the steel plate purchasing & initial production planning at Hoist Liftruck and work at a very demanding pace. IM Steel has proven time and again to have the inventory and quality steel to meet our short order lead times. David Fischer continues to impress with superb customer service and willingness to get the job done.
Gene - Hoist Lift Truck
Always good people to deal with!