Carbon Steel Plate Suppliers Near Detroit
Carbon Steel Plate Suppliers Near Detroit

Carbon Steel Plate Suppliers Near Detroit

If your business relies on carbon steel plates for its operations, you need a trustworthy supplier who can get you plates on time and cut to specification. At IM Steel Carbon Steel Plate, we are the carbon steel plate suppliers near Detroit of choice. Our strong reputation for excellence and our experience in the industry make us a top choice for industrial steel products, including carbon steel plates. Call our team today or send us a message to place your order today.

Industries We Serve

Our business is committed to serving businesses in a variety of industries. We know that various industries rely on carbon steel plates to do business - we can help. Industries that we serve include counterweight manufacturing, heavy equipment and machinery manufacturing, agricultural equipment manufacturing, construction companies and contractors, steel service centers, and more.

Carbon Steel Plate Applications

A carbon steel plate is used for projects that require greater amounts of durability and strength, as steel plates are thicker than steel sheets (additionally, carbon steel is known for its hardness and durability). Carbon steel plates are also corrosion-resistant and are regarded as the highest-quality steel plate types. As such, carbon steel plates are famously used in the construction industry, as well as other industries with a high demand for strong, durable, and corrosion-resistant steel.  Steel plates come in a variety of different grades, and at IM Steel Carbon Steel Plates, we can cut steel plates to your specification. Dimensions of plates available start at .250 x 96/97 x 240 and go all the way up to 3.05 x 121 x 177, with dozens of different grades in between.

Why Work with Our Carbon Steel Plate Suppliers Near Detroit

When you choose IM Steel Carbon Steel Plate as your carbon steel plate supplier of choice, you are choosing a company that truly cares about you. Top reasons to work with our carbon steel plate suppliers near Detroit include:

  • Fast services. We know that when your business needs carbon steel plates, you need them fast - you don’t want to have to wait an unreasonable amount of time for your order to be filled or shipped. When you choose our team, we can fill and stage your order within 24 hours, and we can ship anywhere in the country. This means no unreasonable delays.
  • Prioritizing the client. Not only do we fill and ship orders fast, but we can also cut plates to length with no drop to the customer, and provide multiple gauges all in one truckload. We also offer quotes online, and regularly update our inventory of carbon steel plates so you can see exactly what it is we have available.

Call Our Carbon Steel Plate Suppliers Near Detroit Today

To learn more about carbon steel plates for your industry, how to order, and why you should partner with our carbon steel plate suppliers near Detroit, please reach out to our company online or by phone at your convenience. In addition to carbon steel plates, we also carry steel billets, pipes, coils, tubing, and more.