Steel Plate Distributor in Bourbonnais
Steel Plate Distributor in Bourbonnais

Carbon steel plates are important to many businesses in the Midwest. Companies that are in manufacturing, construction, and other industries rely on steel plates to finish the job. IM Steel is a leading steel plate distributor in Bourbonnais that can fulfill your requests. We provide a range of high-quality steel products. We ship directly to you and offer superior service that you can depend on. Contact us today to place an order. 


What Is a Carbon Steel Plate?

A carbon steel plate is a type of steel that contains an alloy content that is under 10.5 percent, making it different from stainless steel. As a result, carbon steel plates have different characteristics, making them harder, more durable, and more resistant to abrasion and changing shape. Carbon steel plates are used in manufacturing, construction, and more, thanks to their durability.

IM Steel has various steel products in stock. We’ve earned our reputation among our clients as an outstanding steel plate distributor because we work hard to provide the best possible customer experience. You’ll be impressed by the quality of our service and the products we sell. 


Carbon Steel Plates That Suit Your Needs

We serve clients in various industries, including companies that work in construction, agriculture equipment manufacturing, counterweight manufacturing, and steel service centers. We primarily work with clients in the Midwest, but we also appreciate making connections with businesses nationally as their most trusted steel plate distributor. 


Placing an Order from Our Steel Plate Company

It’s easy to order steel plates from our company. First, decide what dimensions of steel plates you will need and how many you’d like to order. In order to uphold your business’s requests, we offer different gauges of steel plates for you to choose from. Next, view what we have in stock by checking our inventory. We update our inventory on our website so you can see how many steel plates of each gauge are available at a glance. You can also request a quote since prices are determined by the steel plate’s weight. 

We recognize that the quality of your steel plates isn’t the only thing you are worried about: you need your order to be fulfilled quickly, so you can expect your order to meet your expectations. IM Steel can stage your order within 24 hours of when it is placed, cut the plate to length, and deliver different gauges and products in a single truckload. We also ship our products anywhere in the United States.


Contact Our Steel Plate Distributor in Bourbonnais Today

If steel plates are essential to your industry, you need to work with a steel plate supplier that takes your needs seriously. IM Steel is proud to be a leading steel plate distributor in Bourbonnais, prepared to help you with your requests. When you need steel plates to complete your business’s operations, we are here to help you find the product you’re searching for. Contact us today for more information on how we can partner with you.