Steel Plate Distributor
Steel Plate Distributor

Steel Plate Distributor

Steel plate is a crucial material for businesses in various industries, including equipment and agricultural manufacturing, construction, steel service centers, and many more. To be sure, without a reliable source of steel plate, businesses in these industries would see productions and profits halt. At IM Steel, our goal is to be the premier steel plate distributor in Illinois. Serving industries nationwide, our professionals can answer any questions you have, assist you in placing an order, or provide you with a quote today.

Uses of Steel Plate

As stated above, steel plate is used in various industries, ranging from manufacturing to construction and more. Steel plate is a necessary item for many reasons, including:

  • Steel plates are thicker, and therefore more durable than steel sheets;
  • Carbon steel plates are extremely versatile;
  • Carbon steel plates are harder than other steel plates;
  • Carbon steel plates are corrosion-resistant;
  • Steel plates are regarded for their flexibility, durability, and strength.

Steel Plate Offerings - See What We Have in Stock Now

We carry various gauges of steel plate in stock - in fact, our inventory is regularly updated, and you can view our entire inventory right on our website. Dimensions range from .250 x 97/98 x 360/361 to 3.30 x 84 x 180 and everything in between. Our prices are based on weight, and you can get a quote simply by requesting one online or contacting us directly. We carry the highest-quality carbon steel plates on the market today.

Putting the Customer First

We always put our customers first - our business model is built around the goal of always meeting our customers’ needs and ensuring that each client that we serve feels like they are our top priority. Ways that we put our customers first include: 

  • Different gauges in stock. We keep different gauges of steel plates in stock so that you can always get the steel plates that you need without having to wait weeks for us to fill our inventory.
  • Can cut plates to length. We are happy to cut our steel plates to length with no drop to the customer. Just let us know what your needs are.
  • Fill and stage an order within 24 hours. One thing that sets us apart from our competitors is that we can fill and stage an order within 24 hours. That means you’ll never have to deal with unreasonable filling or shipping delays - we try to get your product to you as fast as possible.
  • Straightforward shipping. Not only will we fill your steel plate order fast, but we can ship it all in one truckload, including steel plates of different gauges. We can ship your product anywhere in the United States.

Place Your Steel Plate Order with Our Illinois Steel Plate Distributor Today

If your business depends on steel plates or carbon steel plates, then you need a trusted Illinois steel plate distributor that you can depend on. At IM Steel, we have experience serving businesses like yours in various industries and have the steel plates and other steel products you care about. Reach us today online to request a quote, or feel free to call our location directly.