Steel Plate Dealer Serving Milwaukee

Steel Plate Dealer Serving Milwaukee

Quality steel plates are used across many industries to fortify structures and add support. Choosing a dependable steel supplier is essential to your company’s success, and that’s why you should turn to our team. IM Steel is a leading steel plate dealer serving Milwaukee. We’re committed to exceeding your expectations as your number one choice for steel plates, pipes, billets, coils, and tubing. Whatever you need, we deliver it with superior customer service in mind. Let us serve you today: contact us now and place your order. 


What Are Steel Plates Used For?

Steel plays an important role in agriculture, construction, manufacturing, and other industries. Companies use individual steel plates to add strength and durability to various applications. Thanks to its abrasion and corrosion-resistant properties, steel plates are used in shipbuilding, mining, machinery engineering and so much more. A few of the most common uses include: 

  • Construction. Steel plates are used for constructing buildings, bridges, and warehouses. They add plenty of support to these structures and can enhance a building’s foundation. Steel plates are a popular choice in the heavy civil sector, as they are used as road plates, in excavation, and more. 
  • Shipping. Shipping containers need to be built to hold all types of cargo, so many are formed using steel plates. Their anti-corrosive properties help extend the shipping containers’ lifespan so they can be reused as many times as possible. 
  • Household Appliances. Manufacturers often choose steel plates when building dishwashers, refrigerators, and other household appliances, which benefit from materials that are unlikely to rust.
  • Road Construction. Skid-resistant road plates are an effective way to temporarily fix a road that is being worked on. Construction companies use steel plates to assist with road projects to ensure traffic flow remains uninterrupted. 

Steel plates have so many other uses, so discover what our products can achieve for you by contacting our knowledgeable team. We can help you select suitable dimensions based on your project’s needs.  


Steel Plate Distributor Serving Milwaukee Businesses

IM Steel is proud to be a top choice for Milwaukee businesses needing dependable steel products. We offer a full range of products that are regularly stocked, and we keep our inventory updated so you know what’s available. We can help you select a product based on its dimensions, pricing by weight, and the amount we currently have available. We understand how critical steel products are for your business, which is why we want you to find the right materials to make your project a success. We answer all of your questions in a timely manner and work hard to deliver superior customer service at all times. 


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Quality steel is critical to so many industry processes, and you want products that suit your budget as well as your individual needs. IM Steel has everything you need. If you're ready to place an order, or if you’d like to ask a question, call or message us online, and we’ll respond to your inquiry immediately. Our steel plate dealer serving Milwaukee looks forward to working with you.