Steel Manufacturer in Illinois 
Steel Manufacturer in Illinois 

For businesses that depend on steel manufacturers for steel products, having a reliable steel manufacturer nearby is critical to business outcomes. At IM Steel, we are one of the leading steel manufacturers in Illinois. We sell various steel products, including steel plates, pipes, coil, billets, and tubing, always maintain competitive prices, and prioritize the customer experience. To learn more about our steel manufacturer in Illinois or to buy steel from us today, please reach out to our team directly by phone or online at your convenience. 


Our Steel Products

We have the steel products that your company needs to do business. Steel products that we can ship directly to you include: 

  • Steel plates. Our carbon steel plates are cut to length and no drop to the customer and are available in dozens of different dimensions. Pricing is by weight, and inventory is posted on our website and updated regularly. 
  • Steel pipes. We sell different diameters and schedules of steel pipes for projects of all types. Our steel pipes are perfect for various applications, and we work with businesses in a handful of industries. 
  • Steel coils. Ideal for building roof panels, power stations, ships, panels, and various other projects, steel coils are integral to most construction projects. We sell the highest quality steel coils on the market and offer both hot- and cold-rolled steel. 
  • Steel billets. Our semi-finished billet stock is available for bulk purchase for our industrial partners. Our billets are sold at a dimension of five inches (width) by five inches (height) by 40 or 50 feet (length). Our billets are high-quality and won’t crack or damage during the heating or cooling process. 
  • Steel tubing. We sell steel tubing that is rounded or rectangular, welded or seamless, and that’s offered in various dimensions. Please let us know what specifics you’re looking for and we will prepare your order. 


Working with IM Steel

When you are looking for a steel manufacturer to meet your steel inventory needs, you can count on IM Steel. The top reasons that our customers love working with us include: 

  • Update inventory. We post our inventory right on our website and update it regularly, so you always know what’s in stock! We price our steel products by weight and are always upfront about what products we have. 
  • Fast shipping. We know that getting your products fast is important to you, which is why we prioritize fast shipping speeds. In fact, we are able to stage and fill a customer’s order within 24 hours of receiving it, and we can ship to anywhere in the U.S. 
  • Great customer service. We not only want you to be satisfied with your steel products, but we also want you to enjoy working with us. We prioritize customer service, which means fast shipping times, cutting plates to length at no drop to the customer, shipping multiple products and gauges all in one order, and always being open, friendly, and honest. 


Place Your Order with Our Steel Manufacturer Today

To learn more about our steel products and why we’re one of the top-rated steel manufacturers in Illinois, reach out to us by phone or online at your convenience. We look forward to working with you!