Metal Plate Supplier
Metal Plate Supplier

Metal Plate Supplier

At IM Steel Carbon Steel Plate, we are one of the leading metal plates suppliers in Illinois. Serving businesses in a variety of industries, we guarantee the highest-quality carbon steel plates and fast shipping time and quick order fulfillment. If your business relies on metal plates, we are the metal plate supplier you’re looking for. Reach us today by phone or online to learn how our team can serve you.

Our Steel Plates

Carbon steel plates are used in a variety of industries and are regarded for their versatility and durability. To be sure, we serve businesses in counterweight manufacturing, steel service centers, construction, agricultural equipment manufacturing, heavy equipment/machinery manufacturing, and more.  We know that your business’s steel plate needs are unique, which is why we offer different dimensions of steel plate. Dimensions of steel plate that we offer range from .250 x 97/87 x 360/361 to 3.30 x 84 x 180. Pricing for our flat mild steel plate is set by weight. You easily view the steel plate dimensions we carry, pricing by weight, and the number of steel plates we have in stock right on our website. This information is updated regularly so that your business can easily acquire the information it needs to make an ordering decision.

Why Work with Our Metal Plate Supplier in Illinois?

For many businesses in different industries, having a reliable steel plate supplier is a key part of doing business; without a supplier and, therefore, without steel plates, many industrial operations are rendered impossible. We know how critical it is that you have someone on your side whom you can trust to satisfy your steel plate order on time and accurately - we are here to serve. At IM Steel Carbon Steel Plate, we have a reputation for excellence and years of experience. Some of the top reasons to make us your number-one steel plate supplier include:

  • Transportation wherever you are. Whether you’re located in Illinois near our location or across the nation, we can deliver steel plates to your location, and offer guaranteed delivery anywhere in the United States.
  • A variety of steel products available. We want to be your leading supplier of all steel products, not just steel plates. We also offer steel pipes, steel coils, steel billets, and steel tubing.
  • We stage and fill an order fast. We know that it’s critical that you get your steel plates or other steel materials within a reasonable amount of time, which is why we stage and fill your order within 24 hours of receiving it.
  • We care about you. We have always made customer service a top priority and are here to answer your questions, resolve any concerns you have, and work with you to meet your needs.

Reach Our Metal Plate Supplier in Illinois Today

If your business needs metal plates, we have a large supply of the high-quality carbon steel plates you demand.  Reach our metal plate supplier today online or by phone to learn more about how we can assist you, or request a quote directly through our website today.