Coiled Steel Near Me
Coiled Steel Near Me

For businesses in the construction, shipbuilding, and manufacturing industries, coiled steel could be a critical material. If your business depends on coil steel to do its work, then having a reliable coiled steel provider near you is critical. As you ask yourself, “Where is their coiled steel near me?”, consider that IM Steel is a leading provider of coiled steel stock in Illinois and can ship to anywhere in the country. To learn more about working with us and our coiled steel, call us directly today.

Facts About Our Coiled Steel

We strive to offer only the highest-quality coiled steel and take pride in being one of the most dependable coiled steel providers in North America. Here’s what you should know about our coiled steel:

  • Hot-rolled. We offer both hot-rolled and cold-rolled coiled steel. Our hot-rolled steel coils are coils that haven’t been processed as much as cold-rolled steel. As such, these coils contain less carbon and are not as hard as cold-rolled coils, but are easier to manipulate and work with. Because there is less processing involved in creating hot-rolled coiled steel, hot-rolled coils are often less expensive, too.
  • Cold-rolled. If your business needs coiled steel that is tough, durable, and will get the job done, then cold-rolled steel coils are your best option. Cold-rolled steel is hot-rolled steel that’s been further processed, increasing the carbon content of the steel. This means that the coiled steel is more durable and harder, but also more difficult to work with as such.
  • Available in different sizes and gauges. Not only do we sell both hot- and cold-rolled coiled steel, but we also sell steel in a variety of different sizes and gauges for your business’s convenience. We work with businesses in a wide range of industries and know that each business has its unique needs.
  • Sold in bulk. We offer bulk supply coiled steel. If you have bulk coiled steel needs, we are one of the best suppliers in Illinois or the surrounding areas.
  • Fast shipping times. We know that when a business relies on steel coils in order to do its work and serve its own customers, a delay in shipment can mean lost profits and lost customers. We strive to make sure that you always get your products in a timely manner. When you choose our team, we can stage and fill your order within 24 hours of receiving it and get it on a truck ASAP. Customer service is our top priority.

Place Your Order for Coiled Steel Today

We know that for many businesses in a wide range of industries throughout Illinois, coiled steel is an integral part of business operations. If you’ve been asking yourself where you can find high-quality coiled steel near me, look no further than our company. With years of experience and a reputation for excellence, we are the leading supplier of coiled steel in Illinois. To learn more about our company or to place your first order with us today, please send us a message online, request a quote through our website, or call us directly at your convenience. Our team is here to serve you.